Exploring Lake Louisa State Park

Saturday April 3rd 2021

Once again this morning the inside temperature was in the low fifties when I got out of bed. The outside temperature must have been in the forties. The temperature climbed slowly to about seventy in the early afternoon. A layer of clouds moved in and stopped the temperature climb for today. The high was about five degrees warmer than yesterday. Tomorrow is forecast to be another five degrees warmer.

Wildflower blossom of the day.
Cypress trees along the shore of Lake Louisa.

When I finally got the day started after a second cup of coffee breakfast it was nearly noon. I started with a walk around the campground before venturing into other areas of the state park. In addition to the campers there are many people making use of the facilities for the day. The boat rental near the campground was very busy. In addition to the kayaks and canoes they were even renting Segways for land based touring. A van arrived with six people that were soon on the Segways and off on a guided tour of the park. This is the first time I’ve seen the Segways at this park. Judging by the full parking lot at the horse corral the trail rides must have been popular today too.

Turtle parade.

I crossed paths with many people as I walked some of the trails. Particularly popular were the trails along the side of Lake Louisa. People were enjoying picnic lunches at tables and on blankets. One family was even swimming at the beach area. They must have been from the north. It was rather cool for locals. People were wearing a wide range of clothing from hot weather gear to polar gear.

The campground has a few empty sites tonight, but I think they are paid for. A number of people departed well after the 1PM checkout. They probably paid for an extra night to get in a full day of play at the park before heading for home. This is a common practice when the overnight fee isn’t excessive particularly on holiday weekends.

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