Laundry Day

Wednesday March 31st 2021

Today was another day with a Florida Summer weather pattern. The temperature was around ninety with plenty of humidity. Last night a similar day ended with heavy thunderstorms to the north of here. Today is ending with a tropical downpour right over my RV home. The setting sun is still visible off to the west, but there is a continuous flood of water coming down from above in this location. The cold front is due tomorrow.

Today was laundry day. I haven’t had access to an onsite laundry for four weeks. My clean clothes supply was getting down into the clothes of last resort and my dirty clothes filled the hamper, my laundry bag and a dirty pillow case. Each of the bathhouses at this campground have a washer and dryer. Luckily for me the machines are upgraded to accept credit cards. Maintaining a supply of quarters in these times remains a challenge. Over the course of three hours I got two full loads washed and dried. I gave a not so patiently waiting fellow camper access after my second load. I’ll be back another day before I leave to complete the task.

My other frustrating task of the day was chasing and kill tiny ants. Somewhere a lot of ants slightly bigger than fleas have gotten in to my RV home. I can’t see any indication that they are at this campsite, but it’s possible. I’ve spread some bug killer outside and went at the ones already inside with a can of bug spray. I suspect the smell of the insecticide is not good for me either, but a small dose is better than the pesky little bugs running around. I’m pretty sure the battle has just begun. Since I don’t know where they are getting in or where they are hiding.

I saw an alligator in the other lake today. Someone suggested that it was the same one from the other lake. This is the time of year that the gators are on the move for matting, but unless someone watched it march through the campground, I not so sure. Time to watch for alligators in strange places.

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