No Wild Turkeys Today

Friday March 19th 2021

The cold front passed through the area with only a little rain and no thunder and lightening. It brought a much less humid day with a little cooler high temperature. The high for the day was in the upper seventies. Tomorrow will be cooler in the low seventies.

My goal for the day was a visit to the Wild Turkey Strand Preserve. The county web page leads me to believe the park is in the sweet spot of natural areas that I like to visit. The web page also warned about road construction in the area. They weren’t kidding. The construction and barrel ally detours prevented me from finding the park. I didn’t find the appropriate intersection or see any signs for the preserve. Before I knew it I’d driven out of the county.

I drove southeast from Fort Meyers to Immokalee in Collier County before turning west back to Interstate 75. Overall I drove a big loop of about 100 miles over the course of three plus hours. I saw lots of road construction and new housing developments. This area looks like it is the next area of Florida to have a building explosion. Narrow roads are getting expanded into big three and four lane roads in each direction. Traffic engineers are creating some very interesting intersections for traffic control. At one point today, it took three sequenced traffic lights to get through one intersection. I had opposing traffic on the left and on the right. The extra traffic signals were needed to allow traffic to cross the oncoming flow. It was even more complex than the increasingly common practice of switching the lanes at Interstate intersection to avoid turns across the oncoming traffic.

The the price of gas took another jump in the last couple of days. I paid $2.89 a gallon today. A couple of week ago gas prices jumped 16 cents. The bad weather in Texas got the blame. Over the course of the next week or so the price went back down a couple of cents. Today the price was up about 5 cents from Wednesday. Once again I bought gas a day or two too late. It is hard to believe I bought gas for $1.99 in December.

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