Manatee Visit

Saturday March 20th 2021

Today was a cool day for this area. The day started in the low fifties and was slow to warm into the low seventies. For the beginning of spring in this area the over night lows are usually in the mid to upper sixties and the daily highs are in the low eighties. Tomorrow will be a little warmer followed by a fairly steep climb in temperature over the remainder of the week. Ninety degree days are possible at the end of the week.

Getting motivated this morning under the cloudy sky was difficult. It was after noon when I got out for my first walk of the day around the campground. On the walk I met an aquatic visitor to the campground. Usually during my winter stay in Florida I go to various places to see the manatees. This year many of those places are closed so I haven’t seen any manatees this winter. Today a manatee came to visit me. The banks of the river around the campground and dam are lined with water plants. Apparently they are a delicacy to the manatee. This animal would push into the grass then raise its head out of the water to nibble on the plants. The big aquatic animal would graze for a couple of minutes before disappearing under the water only to appear again a few feet away. This went on for an hour or more.

Manatee approaching the river bank.
Time to eat!

Other than a second walk later in the day, I pretty much spent the day watching television, reading and napping. It was an overall lazy first day of Spring.

Blossom of the day.

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