Another Day Filled with Chores

Thursday March 18th 2021

Another of this winters steady stream of cold fronts is coming through tonight. Foreshadowing the approaching front today was very windy, but otherwise a warm and humid day. The temperature peaked in the upper eighties. Tomorrow it is forecast to be in the low to mid seventies after the front goes through.

Somehow today turned into a chores around my RV home kind of day. It is all because I had to clean up a spill after breakfast. That little mishap triggered a session with the vacuum cleaner and the sweeper. Once I was finished with the floors I moved on to a few higher surfaces. For such a small space my RV home attracts a lot of dust and dirt.

Between my chores and other mundane tasks like preparing food and eating, I took a few walks around the campground checking the activity in the lock and observing the wildlife around the river. The campground had more turn over today. I assume the open sites will be occupied by weekend visitors. There was still one empty site during my last walk just before night fall. The park attendants were already preparing to lock the gate. Once locked you need to open a combination lock on a chain to enter or exit the park.

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