Area Familiarization and Grocery Shopping

Wednesday March 17th 2021

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day

Today’s weather was an incremental up tick in humidity and temperature. It has reached the point that it is uncomfortable in the sun even with the breeze blowing. The air temperature peaked in the upper eighties.

I had two goals today. The first was to refresh my memory on the area and the second more important goal was restocking my food supply. Luckily they go together pretty well. I drove around the northeast part of the city of Fort Meyers for an hour or so before landing at a Walmart. I always need to remember that Fort Meyers isn’t really on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. It is actually on the southeast bank of the Caloosahatchee River a few miles inland, but the developed area of dense population stretches along the southeast bank toward the gulf. Cape Coral on the northwest bank is much closer to the gulf.

The Walmart was busy. This is the spring vacation week in many of the local school districts. There were man kids tagging along while their parents shopped. Checking out was a slow process. They only had two registers opened staffed with a real person. They were really encouraging the use of self checkouts. If I only had a few items I’d consider the self checkouts, but with a full resupply load of groceries I want the help built into the price of the product.

Sailboat anchored for the night near the campground.

When I got back to the campground I had new neighbors. My site is one of a pair of sites configured in a buddy arrangement. That means that my door side opens up to the other sites door side. There is probably thirty feet of concrete pad with two picnic table shelters between the RVs, but it provides less of a sense of privacy than you get facing the back side of your neighbors RV only ten feet away. If you are both outside at the same time, you might be in each others business. The new neighbors seem to be more outdoor sitting inclined than the last ones. My guess is they are here through the weekend for the remainder of the school vacation week.

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