Getting Settled

Tuesday March 16th 2021

The above normal temperatures continued today. It was in the upper eighties. The only wrinkle to an exceptional weather day was the increasing humidity. It is getting a little sticky.

Looking down the Calooshatchee River from the dam.

I was somewhat disoriented all day. This was the first day since Saturday that I could sleep in. When I got up around 9AM it seemed like a weekend day. I couldn’t really shack that feeling all day. The atmosphere at this campground is very recreation oriented. Some of the residents are boating, paddling kayaks and fishing on the river. There are also a number of gatherings of neighbors at campsites throughout the day. All of these traditional weekend activities helped keep me confused.

The WP Franklin campground is not big. There are only thirty campsites located on an island in the river connected to the north bank via a causeway. It is probably man made as part of the construction of the dam and lock that stretches from the island to the south bank of the Calooshatchee River. All of the sites are occupied. There was only a few sites that turned over today. The occupants seem to be a fifty fifty mix of Florida license plates and travelers.


Another factor in my disorientation is lack of a routine established at this new location. I took several walks around the campground today. There is plenty of action in the river to watch. A steady flow of boats of many sizes passed through the lock in both directions. Most of the boats were private live aboard type, but smaller fishing utility boats also passed through the lock. Between the walks I watched TV or ate. Before I knew it the sun was setting on another day. I need a better routine for my stay at this park.

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