Travel Day to the Fort Myers FL Area

Monday March 15th 2021

It was tough to drag myself out of bed this morning. Between the time change and an early start yesterday I really wanted to sleep in, but today was a travel day. I had a few hiccups getting ready to travel. It was 12:45 when I pulled out of the park.

The almost dead battery bank that I first admitted was an issue last month became even more of an issue this morning. Once I disconnect from the power pedestal at the campsite, I had absolutely no twelve volt power in the coach. The engine battery was still fine, but there are a few things you don’t suspect run off the coach batteries. For example, the radio didn’t work and I couldn’t lower the power window. Everything worked out OK, but I can’t procrastinate replacing the battery bank any longer.

A little road closure was the next complication to today’s travel. I had ninety miles to travel south to the Fort Meyers area. Most of the route was on Interstate 75. Shortly after I got on the interstate, the message boards started talking about congestion and a road closure. I learned later, a cement truck ran into other trucks and turned over on the highway north of Port Charlotte. All traffic was getting detoured to US 41, the Tamiami trail, in Venice. The backup was almost back to Sarasota ten miles or so north of Venice.

I read the signs soon enough and I know the area well enough that I had options. The Tamiami trail is heavy retail and residential with traffic lights every time you blink. My destination was east of Fort Meyers nearer the middle of the state. I chose to turn inland from Sarasota to the city of Arcadia FL before turning south. It added about ten miles to my journey. The down side is that many other people choose a variation on this option. Traffic on the narrow road was heavy. I had one exciting moment passing a slow unpredictable car in my slow to accelerate motorhome. On coming traffic was getting close by the time I got by the car. I think he may have actually accelerated as I was passing.

Site 21 at the WP Franklin Army Corp of Engineers campground.

I arrived at WP Frankin Corp of Engineers campground around 3:30PM. The last time I was here was in the fall of 2016. The park is located on the north bank of the Caloosahatchee River at one of the dams and locks that makes the river navigable across the state. I’m here for thirteen nights.

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