Waiting for the Sun

Saturday March 6th 2021

The forecast called for a rainy day and that is just what we got. The day started cloudy with the look of rain at any minute. It arrived about 10AM as a steady light rain. For the next four hours the light rain continued with an occasional short heavy burst of rain. The last hour and a half was off and on rain. By 3:30 or 4:00 the sun was trying to make an appearance.

There are more squirrels around than people.
Wild Flower of the day,

For most of the day I stayed inside my RV home. I cooked a hot breakfast and a hot lunch for the heat, more than the nourishment. Without the sun coming in through the windows an external source of heat is necessary and I really didn’t need all the heat from one of my usual heat sources. The outside temperature was in the high sixties during the rain and around seventy when the sun was trying to come out. It was in the mid seventies inside by the time the sun started to arrive.

Why do vultures perch in dead trees?

For activity and entertainment I read a lot of internet articles and watched a few Youtube videos. The TV was on too, but I really don’t know what was playing. I didn’t watch it. When the rain was over I was ready for a walk. In the last three hours of the day I took two walks around the campground and to the day use area and boat launch. The sun will be back tomorrow.

Interesting sky as sunset approached.

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