Another Visit to Robinson Preserve

Friday March 5th 2021

Today was sunny from sun rise to sun set. The temperature reached the mid seventies which is the normal for this time of year. It was a beautiful day.

Observation tower at Robinson Preserve.

For exercise today I walked the trails at the Robinson Preserve county park. Many other people had a similar idea. Both the trails and waterways had people enjoying the weather and the natural environment. There were about an equal number of bicycles and hikers on the trail. It made walking a little dangerous at times. On the water people were in canoes, single and double kayaks. It was a busy place.

Blossom of the day,

Getting to Robinson Preserve on the west side of Bradenton on Tampa Bay from my campsite on the far east side of the city is not easy. There are no highways running east west in this area. You need to travel on city streets with three plus lanes of traffic and many traffic lights. The most direct route goes right through the middle of the old downtown section of the city. It took better than forty five minutes to travel the twenty plus miles, but the visit with nature was worth it. Some of today’s pictures are included in this blog entry.

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