Windy Sunday

Sunday March 7th 2021

Today had a clear blue sky from sun up to sun down. The only thing detracting from perfect weather was the strong north wind. Not only did it make a lot of noise on the roof and slide toppers of my RV home, it made the outside temperature sweatshirt weather. The temperature peaked at seventy degrees, but it seemed much cooler.

The lake’s surface was far from smooth. The wind picked up even more later in the day.

My big activity for the day was a hike around the trails in the state park. I didn’t want to compete with all the other weekend revelers at some of the more popular parks and beaches in the area. Here at Lake Manatee State Park there were a few people in for picnics in the day use area, but the boat launch area was emptier than usual. The strong wind produced a heavy chop on the lake. Boating was not a good choice for the days activity. Walking the trails was good exercise, but I didn’t see anything unique or remarkable.

The park had about a fifty percent turn over today. That seems to be about normal for a Sunday. It didn’t take long for a new group of people to arrive and occupy the empty sites. The mix of origins still favors travelers over Florida residents. Midwest origins caught my attention among today’s arrivals. There were several RVs from Illinois and Wisconsin with one slightly rarer traveler from Iowa. California and Washington remain the distance traveled winners in the mini contest I run in my head.

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