An Ordinary Day in the Life Kind of Day

Thursday March 4th 2021

This was a very ordinary day. I didn’t do anything particularly interesting or take any remarkable pictures. As I’m starting to write this blog entry I don’t have any topic in mind. It is only my intent to maintain a daily blog that compels me to write something.

The day began cloudy and cool in the low sixties. It took until almost noon for the sun to appear in the sky. The afternoon of sunshine was offset by a good breeze out of the northwest. The day’s high temperature was about seventy degrees. It was comfortable in the sun, but a little chilly in the shade.

A little yellow blossom.

I had limited options for breakfast this morning. Normally I’ll have toast or some form of pastry with my coffee. I ran out of bread a couple of days ago and wasn’t in a muffin mix baking mood. The cooler weather made a bowl of oatmeal the perfect breakfast, but I clearly needed to restock the pantry.

My trip for groceries at the Walmart was uneventful. The store wasn’t too busy and everyone I saw was wearing a mask. The grocery section at this store was on the smaller side, but the overall store was a full size super center. Each aisle seems to be a little shorter than usual, but the dairy section seemed bigger. The result was less stock and fewer selections in the areas I cared about. With all the different Walmarts I’ve been in across the country, I becoming a critic of sorts. I’ve been in more than twenty in Florida alone. This one is not among my favorites.

Sunset through the trees.

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