Another Dramatic Weather Change

Wednesday March 3rd 2021

On Monday morning, nearly 200 miles north of here, I woke up to a heavy rain storm moving through the area. I don’t think that front passed through this area. This morning around 8AM a similar storm passed through this area. It rained very hard for half to three quarters of an hour then started to clear up. The impact on the temperature was drastic. Yesterday’s high temperature was in the upper eighties. Today’s high was seventy for a brief period when the sun was out in full force. By sunset the temperature was in the low sixties. The weather roller coaster continues.

Driving around the area this morning the traffic was heavy. Back in December I thought the tourists and snowbirds weren’t around and the traffic was light. Today it seemed as heavy as in past years. There were plenty of out of state license plates contributing to the congestion. On Interstate 75 I passed two accidents with vehicles off the road in the short distance between Bradenton and Sarasota. In many ways it seems like any other March in the area, but then you are reminded of the current conditions. The local TV station showed pictures from the Atlanta Braves Baltimore Orioles spring training game. There were only 1800 people in the 7000 person capacity stadium for the shortened seven inning game. I’m OK with not seeing any games this year.

What are you looking at?

This afternoon I had a visitation session with one of the state parks gofer tortoises. While I was on a walk through the day use area on my way to the lake, I spotted a tortoise in the volleyball court. I sat at one of the picnic tables and watched it wander and eat. It came within about fifteen feet of my location before it realized it was being watched. After locking its eyes on me for a good minute, it turned and headed away at a good pace. It was a long way away from cover, so I didn’t harass it by following.

Time to get out of the way,

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