Rain and the Threat of More

Saturday February 6th 2021

Later Friday night a light but consistent rain fell. This morning the rain was over but everything was wet. Most of the day was cloudy with the temperature reaching seventy. A threat of more rain remained all day. Late in the afternoon a severe thunderstorm warning and a tornado watch was issued for the area. By 4:30 a noisy thunderstorm with plenty of lightening and lots of rain was overhead. It continued strong for nearly two hours before letting up. More storms are forecast overnight.

I’m in a fringe area for TV reception. The heavy rain, fog and even strong wind diminish the digital signal enough that I can not watch the over the air channels. During the thunderstorms I have to switch channels a lot to keep a signal. During the heavy rain my satellite TV channels are also impacted. The result is that I pay more attention to the arrival and departure of the storms.

Before all the rain began I got in my daily walk to the river. Because of the weather it wasn’t a very busy Saturday. I only passed one dog walking couple on the way to the river. The rest of the walk was in solitude. The number of kayaks and canoes on the river was much less than a sunny weekday let alone a weekend day. There were still plenty of birds to take pictures.

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