Last Day at Silver Springs State Park

Sunday February 7th 2021

The overnight rain was impressive. The first round of rain stopped around 8PM, but the second round made up for it. At 1PM another round of thunderstorms arrived in the area. These storms had lots of thunder and lightening with very heavy rain. The sound on the roof of my RV home was a loud roar. You couldn’t make out individual rain sounds. I didn’t really sleep during the duration of the thunderstorms that lasted until around 5AM. All I was able to do was doze for a few minutes at a time. This morning the sun came out on a beautiful day. The temperature peaked in the mid seventies.

This is my last full day at the Silver Springs State Park. It was a combination of preparation for travel tasks, general chores and some final touring around the park. The most significant task was getting a load of laundry done. The machines here aren’t great, but they are cheap at a $1.00 per load. More significantly, I know there are no machines at my next two week stop.

After the laundry was complete I took one final walk to the river. The overnight rain made the journey a little more difficult. Some of the path was a little washed out and near the river the road had major puddles with more water in the swampy area beside the path. A little hopping and tip toe walking was required to make it to the river with dry shoes.

There were many walkers on the trail including a few carrying or dragging kayaks to the river. The launch area was popular this afternoon. On the river there were a few more kayaks and a power boat or two. Other than turtles the animal life seemed to be in short supply. I sat on the benches at the launch for about an hour before it got too crowded for comfort.

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