Groceries and Herons

Friday February 5th 2021

The day began bright, but not sunny. As the day progressed the clouds thickened and the breeze stiffened. Today’s high temperature was right around the average for this time of year in the low seventies. The next cold front is approaching. It is forecast to arrive tonight and stall out in this area. Rain is the operative word in the forecast for the next couple of days.

Smooth river surface looking north on the Silver River.

After putting it off for a couple of days, I finally got out for groceries today. The nearest Walmart is either an old store that’s been updated or some other big box store that has been converted to a Walmart. The building just didn’t look like a Walmart. Inside it was laid out close to normal. The only oddity was the deli location at the rear of the store. I did not find a few of the things I was looking for. I don’t think it was a pandemic related shortage as much as it was a shelf stocking issue. They were doing short cut stocking techniques. Many products weren’t removed from their shipping packages. The cardboard boxes were just cut down to expose the contents. You end up having to pick the can or jar up to read the label. How is that safe or sanitary?

After loading my refrigerator and shelves with my purchases, it was time for my daily walk to the river. Today I took the longer path along the Swamp trail to the river overlook. The wind wasn’t blowing very much while I was at the river and the surface was very smooth. I only saw one canoe on the river today. There were a few more people walking the trails.

For wildlife I was entertained by a couple of herons. One was a pretty Green Heron and the other, I think, was a Tri-Color Heron. They weren’t terribly comfortable in each others presence. The Green Heron really stuck out its neck and puffed up when the other heron approached. The pictures below are all of the same two birds.

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