Slow Day with More Wildlife Encounters

Thursday February 4th 2021

The temperature inside my RV home was 42 degrees at 7:30 this morning. I turned on the heat and went back to bed. That was the downfall of any plans I had for the day. It was almost 11AM by the time I got out of bed. Despite the colder start to the day the temperature peaked about ten degrees warmer than yesterday around 66 degrees.

Colorful male wood duck.

My whole day was delayed and slowed down. The extra couple of hours of sleep seemed to reduce my energy level rather than increase it. I wasn’t through with my morning reading and first meal of the day until nearly 1PM. My plan for a grocery run got postponed, but I still took my hike to the Silver river.


With the warmer weather boaters returned to the river. I saw several pontoon boats and many kayaks in the river. I wish all of the pontoon boat drivers followed the “idle speed” requirement. The wake from a couple of the boats was enough to wash the turtles off their logs. I’m sure it is hard to maintain control of the boat in the strong current without some forward thrust, but I don’t want to see the river bank destroyed or the animals disappear.

The hike to the river did have another interesting encounter with the local deer population. This time she saw me long before I saw her. She was frozen on the trail ahead watching my every move. My sudden reaction when I spotted her caused her to bolt into the woods. We were only thirty or forty feet apart. I didn’t have a chance to snap a picture.

Turtle traffic jam on the log freeway,

This area has a number of troops of monkeys living in the woods along the river. They were released in 1938 onto an island in the river by a juggle tour operator to provide more interesting experience for his guests. He thought they would stay on the island, but rhesus macaques can swim. There was a lot of noise coming from the far bank of the river this afternoon. A few calls were clearly birds. Other sounds were a mystery until I saw a red brown animal come to the waters edge for a drink. In my camera’s zoom lens I could see a couple of monkeys. So I can now say I’ve seen the areas resident aliens.

The second is above the red brown hind quarters of one monkey as it moves behind a tree.

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