Life on a Florida Cold Day

Wednesday February 3rd 2021

The temperature this morning in my RV home was only 47 degrees. I was expecting a lower temperature given the freeze warnings for the area. The day remained about twenty degrees below the normal temperature. The high temperature in this area was in the low fifties. Tonight’s overnight low is also forecast to be below the freezing mark.

The local news media is playing up the twenty degrees below normal temperatures. It catches my attention on every news broadcast I hear. I need to remind myself that these temperatures are the same as I experienced every fall in New England for most of my life. Fall in New England is my favorite time of year. There is a lot of good to be found in the current temperatures. The bad is the failure to live up to expectations. The temperature potential is so much greater.

Today was a day for chores around my RV home. I got a few things cleaned and a lot of things picked up. My reward was another two hour hike to the Silver River followed by an hour cooking and eating the big meal of the day. Darkness followed soon after. The only evening task is editing a few pictures and writing this blog entry. The remainder of my day is reading and watching TV.

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