Second Cold Day in a Row

Tuesday February 2nd 2021

The Florida cold snap continues. The high temperature for the day was a few degrees cooler than Monday. The temperature peaked in the low fifties with a strong wind out of the north. On the positive side the sun was out in full force all day. The wind is forecast to go down overnight. The clear sky and still conditions will allow the overnight temperature to get down into the thirties all over central Florida. This area is forecast to be right around the freezing mark.

The cold conditions made me want to hibernate all day. Around noon I forced myself to get into the car and get out of the campground. I ended up just driving around the area for about an hour. I didn’t find any outside activities of interest, and this isn’t the time for random inside activities. When I got back to the campground I stopped at the River Trail trail head. It saved a little over half a mile of walking in the cold open areas coming from my campsite.

The forested part of the River trail is sheltered from the wind. The tree tops sway and crackle as branches touch and break in the wind, but the trail is relatively safe. At the river I found the birds were mostly scrunched up against the wind, but the turtles were out and a few of the swimming birds were in the water. The one thing I didn’t see today were any boaters in the river. Nobody was braving the weather conditions to kayak or canoe along the river.

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