A Slow Saturday

Saturday January 16th 2021

After last night’s rain showers as another cold front passed through the area, it was a cool dull morning. I got up long enough to turn on the heat before returning to the warmth of my bed. The sun was making an appearance through the trees by the time I got up. The temperature never got higher than the low sixties and the clouds were back around 3:30PM.

I made use of the better part of the day to take another walk along the Hillsborough River. The most notable difference today was the number of people enjoying the state park. People were doing all kinds of different things. The majority were hiking, but some were having picnics, walking dogs, or paddling kayaks in the river. The day use part of the park is still partially shutdown do to the pandemic. The concession operation isn’t open. You can not rent kayaks or canoes. The swimming pool and playgrounds are also closed.

The type of campers in the campground also changed for the weekend. During the week the sites were mostly occupied by RVs from some distance away. This weekend there are more tent trailers and tents. Families have replaced aging couples and solo travelers. It good to see that local families can use the state parks. I wonder if it is a consequence of the pandemic or if I just wasn’t noticing it in previous years.

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