Made a Couple of Reservations on a Slow Sunday

Sunday January 17th 2021

My day began early. I was up by 7:30AM to be ready for great mouse click race at 8AM. There were six campsites available starting December 17th 2021 at Myakka River State Park. My goal was to get one of them for the last two weeks of the year. I lost the mouse click battle for the first site I tried, but the competition for my second choice wasn’t as great. At 8:02AM my second choice was available and I successfully booked the site.

Later in the day I made another reservation. This one was at Lake Louisa State Park in the middle of the state for the two weeks at the beginning of December. The reservation window for the park I want to stay at in November is only six months, so I need to wait until May to book it. As of now I am booked now through April and for December. The research for the summer is still ongoing. I need to get moving to fill in the gaps. In two weeks, I need to make my first reservation for January of 2022.

The Ibis is today’s bird of the day.

Today’s weather was even gloomier than Saturday. The sun never made an appearance keeping the high temperature in the low sixties. The only good feature of today’s weather was the total absence of any wind. The surface of the river was still. The weather trend is in a positive direction. By the second half of the week the forecast has the high temperatures above normal in the high seventies.

I got in one short walk around the campground and one long walk along the river before I became glued to the football games on the TV. Neither walk was particularly memorable. People were departing the campground on my first walk and people were flooding into the day use areas along the river on my second. There wasn’t a lot of social distancing going on in some of the picnic pavilions. So far the football games on TV have been entertaining.

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