More Walking Along the River

Friday January 15th 2021

Today began early for me. I was up before 8AM to try and make a reservation for next winter. Reservations for sites in Florida state parks starting on December 15th 2021 opened today. There were only two available at my park of choice and despite hitting the enter key at 8AM I missed out. There are no sites available starting December 16th, so my next chance will be on Sunday morning. I will keep trying for a few days before switching to a less popular park.

Getting a little rest.

The weather followed the forecast with respect to the temperature, but not to much else. There was a two or three hour window of outdoor suitable weather. The day started cloudy and cool and ended rainy and windy. In between the sun was out long enough to get the temperature up to low seventies.

I spent the outdoor suitable part of the day walking along the Hillsborough River. I think I’m seeing the same animals over and over. I saw alligators in the same general area as yesterday. They seem to be the same size as the ones I saw yesterday. I also saw an Anhinga drying its wings in the same general section of river. The Little Blue Heron and the Great Blue Heron might well be the same birds, but there is less evidence to support the theory.

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