A Few Chores and Little More Today

Tuesday January 5th 2020

It was cold overnight. The inside temperature in my RV home was in the fifties around 7AM. I pulled the bed covers a little tighter, went back to sleep and let the sun warm my RV home. When I finally rolled out of bed after 9AM, I turned on the electric fireplace to finish warming the interior of my RV home. By noon the outside temperature was in the sixties on its way to an upper sixties high temperature for the day.

Lake Manatee

My day was dedicated to chores around the RV. I picked up some of the weeks accumulated clutter, washed the dishes and did some general cleaning. The small size of my living quarters makes it easier to pickup and cleanup, but it doesn’t go away. On both sides of my domestic focus I took a walk around the state park. The late morning walk didn’t show much sign of life in the park. People were either out for the day or inside keeping warm. I think the animal life was also hiding. By my second walk of the day around sunset there were a lot more people out walking. The wildlife was still missing, but many domestic animals in the form of dogs were out for a walk with their people.

Even though the length of the daylight portion of the day is starting to get longer, the nights continue to seem long. Once I’m inside with the curtains lowered, I’m usually oblivious to what’s going on outside. Often I get up in the morning to find I have new neighbors. Tonight was an exception. A converted school bus is now on the site next to mine. It has the loudest backup alarm I’ve heard and it took fifteen minutes or more to get settled. The noise interrupted writing this blog entry, so I could check out the commotion outside.

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