A Tranquil Day at Home

Monday January 4th 2021

I think reality has caught up to my expectations. I’ve felt as though the holidays were over since I moved to this campground last Monday. Now they really are over. The entire atmosphere has become more tranquil. The noisy camping groups with lots of barking dogs and active kids have departed. The new occupants of those sites are couples and singles that are away during the day or at least are much quieter. The number of people using the day use area and boat ramp has also decreased significantly.

Now that all the people are gone, the squirrels are back.

The weather has also come full circle. The daily high was below the seasonal average today. The bright sunny day only got the mercury up to the mid sixties. A strong breeze out of the north also blew much of the day. Tonight is forecast to be in the low fifties at best. I have my electric fireplace on to ward off the chill inside my RV home.

The cool weather and the tranquility of the campground resulted in a very lazy day. I lingered over an unusual second cup of coffee this morning while reading news and various blogs on the internet. The TV in the background was in the middle of the noon news program when I came up for air. A walk to the lake in the brisk air resulted in a little activity for the day, but didn’t encourage any additional activity.

This afternoon was another summer travel research session. I need to answer all kinds of simple questions. “What are the major things I want to see?” “Where can I stay near the attraction?” “what else is in the area I’ll be staying in?” “How long should I stay?” It can be a real balancing act. I want to stay in one place as long as I can, but I don’t want to run out of things to do and see on the second day of a two week stay. The real problem is many of the places I like to visit to fill time and relax don’t make the usual web sites. To find lake front county parks with hiking trails or regional bike paths you really need to dig deep. Sometimes it’s a matter of investigating what a green area on the map is all about, or reading someone’s blog with a nice trip report. I can really get lost following the rabbit down its hole. So far I’m still accumulating facts and getting ideas.

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