Emerson Point Preserve

Wednesday January 6th 2021

Today was another beautiful winter day on the Florida Suncoast. The temperature was about the same as Tuesday, but it was a little less humid. The high temperature peaked in the low seventies.

Sunshine Skyway Bridge across the mouth of Tampa Bay.

Variety of Boats

I spent a very peaceful afternoon at the Emerson Point Preserve on the north bank of the Manatee River where it empties into Tampa Bay. The nature preserve has trails and observation areas on both the Tampa bay side and the Manatee river side of the point. It was nice to see the various types of boats in the water and the bird life in the area.

Birds of the Preserve

After three hours at peace in the preserve I got back in my car and heard all about the chaos in Washington DC. I’m glad I didn’t get caught in front of the TV when all of the action started in the capital or I wouldn’t have gotten out at all. I much prefer the pleasures of nature to the news and opinions being reported.

Wild Flower Blossoms

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