Sunless Sunday

Sunday January 3rd 2021

Today may have been Sunday, but the sun was missing all day. I woke up this morning to a racket on the roof of my RV home. A pair of squirrels were having a battle on the roof. I think the contest started in the tree that overhangs my RV home, which they fell or jumped out of onto my roof. The battle continued for a minute or two then they must have jumped off. A little while later I saw a chase back up the nearby tree trunk. Not long after that with a loud bang on the roof the battle resumed. There was no way I was going to sleep in.

The day started foggy. Around 9:30 the leading edge of the cold front passed through with about half an hour of rain. The storm wasn’t severe, just wet. It remained a very cloudy day. They were just high enough that you couldn’t call it fog. The temperature remained in the high sixties. Tomorrow is forecast to be cooler.

Boardwalk through part of the Neal Preserve.

For exercise this afternoon I went for a walk in another of Manatee County’s nature preserve areas. The Neal Preserve is a boardwalk, trail and observation tower near the bridge to Anna Maria Island. I was hoping to find some wildlife, but I didn’t see any in the preserve. Along the side of the waterway that parallels the Manatee Road there were a few pelicans, but they were all huddled up against the weather.

Drawbridge open on crossing to Anna Maria Island.

The remainder of my Sunday afternoon was dedicated to watching NFL football games. Today was the last day of the regular season with many playoff implications associated with the wins and loses. It is amazing that the NFL completed a full season of games given the pandemic. They had to move games around a bit, but all the games were played. On with the playoffs.

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