Travel Day to the Sarasota Area

Monday December 14th 2020

Today was a travel day which means it was also a rainy day. All but one of my travel days since September has had some element of rain. Today began cloudy and dull. I got the remaining outside tasks completed while it was still dry. By 10AM it started to rain as the forecast cold front moved through the area. Luckily, it was a very mild quick moving front. The rain was over by eleven thirty and I was able to get packed and on the road sometime between twelve thirty and the 1PM checkout time. All the way west and south across the state the ominous clouds were just to the south. I was traveling along the backside of the front.

Traffic along Interstate 4 and Interstate 75 was very heavy. It never came to a complete stop as I’ve had occur in the past, but there were a number of slow downs caused by the traffic volume. The construction zones didn’t help either.

I arrived at the Myakka River State Park west of Sarasota Florida around 2:30. Getting checked in required more effort than I’ve been experiencing at the state parks during the pandemic. The other parks are all doing the check in while you sit in your vehicle. This park is still requiring you to park and come into the building. I parked, put on my mask and went in, only to have to wait while a couple tried to figure out why the park didn’t have their reservation. Once that little drama was over, I was checked in within two minutes.

Site 65 in the Palmetto Ridge Campground at the Myakka River State Park.

I’m on a large full hookup pull through site for the next two weeks. This site is in the same area I’ve stayed in before, but is a completely new experience. I am set up enough to enjoy the evening. Tomorrow I’ll finish setting up for the duration of my stay.

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