Last Day at Lake Louisa State Park

Sunday December 13th 2020

The day began with fog and ended with a high temperature above eighty under a partly cloudy sky. It took a couple of hours for the fog to lift this morning. The sun was fully out by ten and remained for the rest of the day.

Blossom of the day.

As expected most of the weekend campers departed this morning, but the park was not empty. Many day visitors arrived in the park all day. I had to wait behind six cars at the rangers station when I returned to camp this afternoon. By nightfall most of the day use visitors had departed and the empty campsites were filled with new occupants.

This is my last full day at Lake Louisa State Park. Tomorrow I’m moving on to the gulf coast of Florida. I’ll be in the area between Sarasota and Tampa for the next six weeks at three different state parks. From the middle of January through the end of February I’ll be in north central Florida before returning to the gulf coast for most of March. In April I’ll be back at this state park for another two weeks.

On my last walk of the day I went a little overboard with sunset pictures. I don’t expect to be taking many sunset pictures at any of my next few stops. For some reason I really like sunset pictures.

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