Wildlife at Myakka River State Park

Tuesday December 15th 2020

The sun didn’t make an appearance today until around 2:30PM. The blue sky and sun made a nice end to the daylight portion of the day. The temperature managed to make it into the low seventies.

Myakka River

Uncertainty about the weather and a little laziness resulted in using the car to tour the park late this morning. Riding my bicycle will have to wait for another day. The Myakka River and Upper Myakka Lake show signs of recent high water. The current water level is about normal to a little below what I seen in the past, but much of the grass banks are littered with mud and dead vegetation. One “local” indicated that one of the trails was under water as little as two weeks ago. All of this tracks with the south Florida weather over the last few months. It has had record rainfall.

On my auto tour of the park and my late day walk to the Myakka River bridge I saw lats of wildlife. My camera was busy taking pictures. I’m going to group them by species below.


Blue Herons

Great Egrets

Tircolored Herons

Rosetta Spoonbills


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