Turtle Weather Day

Saturday December 12th 2020

If today’s weather forecast was correct, the TV weather talkers failed to communicate it to me. I was surprised to wake up to a dark cloudy day. It rained briefly while I was having breakfast. Around noon it looked like the clouds were lifting, so I took my first walk of the day. It was warm. The forecast got the high temperature in the mid seventies correct. Not long after I returned from my walk the clouds darkened once more. For next couple of hours a very heavy mist kept everything wet. It wasn’t heavy enough to hear the precipitation hit the roof of my RV home, but it was heavy enough to make noise as it hit the ground from the gutters.

Log for little turtles.

I spent most of the afternoon in my RV home hiding from the rain. A mix of football games and Christmas movies kept me entertained. I find it very hard to watch an entire Christmas movie in one sitting. They are repeated so many times that I eventually see all of the movie. It just might not be in order. Somehow watching the middle before the beginning and then the end doesn’t seem to change all the plot issues the movies contain.

Log for bigger turtles and alligators. I count 4 turtles on this log.

An opening in the clouds appeared shortly before sunset. The area directly overhead and to the north and west was clear. To the south and east thick dark clouds persisted. It provide me with an opportunity for my second walk of the day. The campground remains full with weekend campers. I didn’t see any new Christmas decorations in the park.

Wildflower blossom of the day.

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