A Slow Day with a few Groceries

Friday December 11th 2020

Today’s weather was an incremental improvement on Thursday. It was just as sunny with about three degrees more warmth. It peaked once again in the low seventies, but crossed the magic comfort level that allowed me to take my sweatshirt off during the warm part of the day.

It was a sunny day with a few high fluffy clouds.

I ran out of non butter spread for my toast this morning. Rather than take the small backup container out of the freezer, I moved the next trip to the grocery store up a couple of days. I made a trip to Walmart for groceries. Clearly I wasn’t prepared. About half of my purchases were sweets or borderline junk food. The store wasn’t overly crowded and had an employee monitoring mask usage at the entrance.

One of the three tents set up for Glamping in the campground.

The campground is filling up for the weekend. Once again the type of guests using the park changes as the weekend approaches. During the weekend families from the local area take over. The equipment changes from big motorhomes and fifth wheel trailers to tents, tent campers and smaller trailers. The other change is to the noise level. Loud conversation, music and other unnatural sounds increase throughout the park.

A few Christmas decorations have arrived in the park. I’ll put out a few after I move to my next stop on Monday.

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