Chores Day Failure

Thursday December 10th 2020

The day began a little warmer than the last couple of days. By the time the sun started to set the temperature had reached the low seventies. It was just about equal to the normal high for the area.

This log is very popular. The last few days there have been between one and three big turtles taking the sun. Today an alligator got in the mix along with two big turtles and one little one. The turtle by the alligator’s mouth is either very brave or knows something about alligator dietary needs that I don’t.

My plan for the day included accomplishing a few household style chores. It was pretty much a failure. On my way back from my first walk of the day I checked the availability of the laundry facilities. This campground has one set of washing machine and dryer in each rest room. They even take credit cards eliminating the need for scarce quarters. The machines in the rest room nearest my campsite were available when I checked. When I arrived back at the restroom fifteen minutes later with my laundry and supplies the machines were in use. Not only that, but the amount of dirty laundry waiting to go in the machine was more than one loads worth. I checked back several times over the next four hours and the machines were still in use most likely by the same individual.

Rather than moving on to other chores, the busy washing machines became a fixation. Getting other things done didn’t seem important. Taking advantage of the returned good weather, I sat outside my RV home reading and watching TV most of the afternoon. When it got too cool to sit outside, it was time for another walk. The laundry and other chores are pushed to another day.

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