Scouting for Christmas

Thursday December 3rd 2020

After another cold start to the day it warmed up to the low side of the mid seventies. This is in line with the seasonal average high temperature for the area. As the day progressed the bright blue sky gradually grew white with increasing cloud cover. It is not expected to be as cold overnight tonight.

Clouds building in over Lake Louisa

Last January when I made the reservation to stay here I expected to repeat the tourist experience I’ve had in this area several other years. Specifically, I wanted to enjoy the Christmas lights, events and atmosphere at the Disney theme parks. With the pandemic that isn’t going to happen. When you weigh the risks against what is possible and the cost it doesn’t add up. The things I like best in the theme parks aren’t running. The shows and night time entertainment are suspended for the duration of the pandemic. Rides are open, but they’re low on my must do list when visiting the parks. Outside the parks in the resort it is always nice to look at the decorations at the various hotels, but that is problematic right now as well. To get to the resort hotels you have to take Disney transportation which is limited to resort guests with reduced capacity. The only real possibility is the Disney Springs shopping and dinning area, but the entertainment there isn’t happening either.

I was out today driving around looking for neighborhoods with Christmas decorations. A daytime scout of possible areas to visit after dark to raise the chances of finding good light shows and lowering the chance of getting lost was one possible solution to my Disney withdrawal. I found a couple of residential neighborhoods with possibilities. I’ll check a couple of others during the daytime before venturing out at night. They are all a good distance from the state park.

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