Cool Temperatures Result in a Lazy Day

Wednesday December 2nd 2020

It was the coldest overnight temperature in the Orlando area since last January. The reported low was 33 degrees Fahrenheit in this area to the west of Orlando. Fifteen to twenty miles north was in the twenties. The bottom line is it was cold for central Florida overnight. It is not unusual unless it goes on for an extended period which it isn’t in the prediction. The temperature made it into the low sixties today. Tomorrow will see a similar increase in temperature to the low seventies after another slightly warmer night.

Inside my RV home it was in the forties when I turned up the heat this morning. I returned to bed under the covers until it was warm enough to shower in comfort. By the time I finished breakfast it was almost noon. The pattern for a very lazy day was set.

Someone thought the lily pad needed a glove.

Today I walked around the campground a couple of times and visited the two lakes the campsites sit between. The northeast wind was in my face looking out onto Dixie Lake so I didn’t spend much time on the dock. The wind was at my back on Hammond Lake, so I was able to hang around and watch the lily pads float in the wind. On a warmer day or once I get acclimated to the cooler temperatures I plan to follow the trails around both lakes.

My last walk of the day coincided with sunset. I was hopeful for a pretty sunset, but the limited clouds and dry moisture content in the air washed out a real pretty sunset. I’ve got a few more opportunities for a good sunset or two over the next week plus of sunsets.

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