Driving and Contemplation

Friday December 4th 2020

How can today’s weather be better and worse at the same time? That’s the question that kept passing through my head today. It was warmer in the mid seventies, but it was also an overcast dull day. Late in the day a few light rain showers passed through the area and more rain is in the forecast overnight.

Today was another day of driving around. Yesterday’s driving was primarily south of my RV home. Today’s exploring was a little to the north and then east and south before returning to the state park. My touring included a drive through some of the Disney World resort. The reduced tourism was abundantly clear. Traffic was a fraction of normal and there were very few Disney buses getting in the way of car traffic. All of the parks and most of the resorts are open at 35% capacity, but the attendance on a non weekend cloudy day was probably much less.

Bug on a blossom.

Overall, I’m seeing more out of state cars in this area. It is nowhere near the usual volume, but more than I saw in the Keys or on the Atlantic coast. In the campground I’ve seen Alaska, Ohio, New York, and Michigan in addition to the Texas, South Dakota and Montana license plates that probably indicate full time RVers. It is still a small percentage of the normally diverse representation of states in the park. Most of the people that stay here seem to be here for nature and the good weather. The Orlando area attractions are a minority interest for people staying here.

I continue to watch the current surge in COVID-19 cases. Florida hasn’t escalated as fast as many other states. Its current positive cases per day are still high, but not as high as they were in June and July. Most of the counties with population centers have mask orders in place along with social distancing rules. Orange county, home to Orlando, will begin levying a fine on business that do not comply starting on Sunday. They had been trying to publicly shame businesses into compliance without success. My assumption is Florida will be among the last states to shutdown again should the need develop. I continue to be aware of potential options should that happen. The uncertainty associated with all of this is just one more challenge to life on the road.

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