Winter Weather Arrives in Central Florida

Tuesday December 1st 2020

As the calendar turned to December winter weather arrived in central Florida. It was in the forties when I got up this morning. The overnight low was reported in the high thirties. By the time the sun started to set in the west, the temperature had managed to reach fifty. Tonight’s low is forecast to be below freezing in some areas. This area will probably only get down to the mid thirties.

I really wasn’t prepared for Florida winter weather today. In September I experienced a few days in the sixties with cooler nights, but for the last two months the daytime highs have been around eighty in most of the places I’ve stayed. The sudden twenty five or more degree change has been chilling. This morning I had to dig out warmer clothes and tonight I’ve turned the heat on.

This morning I finished setting up camp for the next two weeks before taking a walk around the campground. Away from my tree sheltered area of the campground it got even colder. The wind coming across the lake cut right through the sweatshirts I was wearing. To warm up I went grocery shopping. It was a few days earlier than planned, but I was out of desert items to nibble on while hibernating from the cold.

The Walmart in Clermont was very busy. I haven’t seen so many people in the grocery section of a store since before the pandemic set in. The good news is everyone seemed to be wearing a mask. On the down side there were empty shelves in some areas. I came home with plenty of desert items, some meat and a few other things. If it were a warmer day, I would of spent my time more productively. Perhaps I would have taken a healthy hike rather than buying a less than healthy selection of food items. Blame it on the weather.

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