Travel Day to Clermont Florida

Monday November 30th 2020

If it is a rainy day there is a good chance it a travel day for me. That is the way it has seemed all fall and today was no exception. A cold front passed through the area this morning just in time to impact my travel day, but it could have been worse.

When I got up this morning the sun was out and the sky to the east was blue. When I looked to the west and north the sky was filled with thick dark clouds. The front was approaching. I got most of the outside tasks completed before breakfast. The rain arrived during my morning meal and continued hard for a little over an hour. I used the time to get the inside of the RV ready for travel. By the time I had to get back outside to finish the packing for my noon checkout, it was only a sporadic light rain. Half way to my destination the sun broke through the clouds. Unfortunately, the wind also picked up.

To get from Port Canaveral to Clermont Florida to the west of Orlando the easiest route is to take the Beach Line toll road into Orlando then continue west of US 50. I don’t go that way. My motorhome doesn’t have a toll transponder, but my car does. The combination creates a toll paying nightmare. Toll by plate may read the motorhomes license plate or it may read the towed car. Either way the transponder in the car will get read. In a month or two I might see a bill. To avoid the hassle I take a route that is about ten miles longer via St. Cloud and Kissimmee. The problem is all the traffic through the resort corridor. I probably got stopped at half of the dozens of traffic lights.

Site 50 at the Lake Louisa State Park in Clermont Florida.

I arrived at the Lake Louisa State Park in Clermont Florida just before 2:30PM. The park has had a number of changes since my last stay early in 2019. I noticed right away that the security gate had been moved in from the busy route US 27 entrance. This change was very much needed. When the gate is in use at night you used to be very concerned with passing traffic. The second big change I noticed was the addition of three rental tents for Glamping. Two of them were in use this evening. I’ll write about some of the more subtle changes sometime during my two week stay.

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