Last Day at Jetty Park

Sunday November 29th 2020

Today was the last day in the current string of great weather days. It was a bright sunny day with very little wind. The temperature peaked once again right around eighty. A cold front is moving across the state from the northwest. Thunderstorms are in the forecast for tomorrow morning and much colder temperatures are in store starting tomorrow afternoon.

Butterfly of the day.

This is also my last full day here. I really enjoy this RV park. The activity in the inlet and along the beach is fun to watch. I would stay here longer if I could. When I booked my stay last December I could only get this two week period. Since the disruption of the pandemic, it might be possible to stay longer, but that isn’t going to happen. I have a prepaid reservation in Clermont for the next two weeks and staying here would be far more expensive.

A freighter took the place of the Disney Wonder in the anchorage overnight. The Wonder is probably headed south to area many of the other cruise ships are using to ride out the pandemic.

All of the long weekend campers departed this morning. The speeding golf carts over filled with passengers are gone. All of the kids on bicycles, scooters and other powered devices are also gone. The RV park returned to a nice quiet place along the inlet to Port Canaveral by noon, but the day use area was still very active all day. Families come for the day complete with awnings for shelter, games for the kids and fishing poles for everyone. Out on the beach surf boards and boogie boards replaced the fishing poles in the family groups.

Blue Heron along the inlet as the sun is setting.

Tomorrow I’ll be moving on to Lake Louisa State Park in Clermont Florida on the west side of Orlando. It’s about a ninety mile drive that includes dealing with Orlando and Kissimmee traffic on the route that I take. The storm front passing through the area tomorrow might be an added complication. The state park is one of my regular stops during my Florida winter stay so I know the area well. It doesn’t have a working port to keep me entertained, but it has lots of trails and a few lakes.

Sun setting to the west.
Moon rising to the east as the sun sets to the west.

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