What Day is it?

Saturday November 28th 2020

Today’s weather turned into a repeat of the last three days after a slow foggy start. It took until late morning for the sun to replace the fog and warm everything up into the upper seventies with a gentle east southeast breeze.

Feeding time.

The repetitive nature of the weather only added to my confusion identifying the day of the week. Yesterday I had a few moments where I thought it was Saturday, but nowhere near as often as I thought today was Sunday. First I was confused by not finding news interview shows on the TV. Then I was confused by not seeing a mass exodus from the campground. Both were resolved by a few moments thought, but not with a deep enough understanding to prevent the idea from a return visit. This afternoon, I was confused again when I found college football games on TV rather than pro. Hopefully the external clues with get back to normal tomorrow and I’ll be back inline with the day of the week.

Bi-plane buzzing over the beach and port.

When I walked over to the inlet this morning I notice the Disney Wonder was no longer at the cruise ship terminal in the port. It had managed to sneak by the campground under the cover of darkness. Normally when a cruise ship sets sail from this port you can’t miss it. The music and lights would give it away. Once I reached the beach I found the Disney Wonder. It was anchored in the off shore anchorage a mile or so out in the Atlantic. I’m not sure if it is a legal issue or just a cost issue that makes it necessary for the ship to be out in the ocean rather than in port. The area between south Florida and the Bahamas is full of them. Today I read that the Wonder had only been in France with its sister ships since October, not for a year as I wrote yesterday. Either way it’s here now and doesn’t have a cruise scheduled until late January or early February.

Disney Wonder and another ship that looks military.

Today was a very big recreational boating day in the port and out into the Atlantic. The boat launch next to the campground has five floating docks providing enough space to launch and retrieve eight boats at a time. This morning people were busy launching boats at a rate of about three or four at a time. In the afternoon as sunset approached it was a real zoo. Boats were hovering in the channel waiting for an opportunity to land. As quickly as one trailer departed with a dripping boat, another one was getting ready to repeat the process. It was entertaining chaos.

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