An Active Day at the Port

Friday November 27th 2020

Today’s weather was a repeat of yesterday. It was a beautiful sunny day with very little wind. The temperature peaked right around eighty. The forecast calls for a similar day tomorrow, before the bottom falls out of the good weather. A cold front will pass through the area late Sunday and Monday. The high temperature for Tuesday is forecast in the fifties.

Disney Wonder deep in the port. Its presence makes the port look normal. Most pre pandemic days several cruise ships would be docked in the port.

Port Canaveral was more active today. Early this morning before I woke up the Disney Wonder cruise ship made its way up the inlet to the Disney cruise terminal. The ship has just completed a trans Atlantic crossing from France. It spent the last year at a shipyard getting an overhaul. The ship is reported to have a minimal crew compliment of approximately 200 and is not expected to resume cruising with passengers anytime soon. January is the earliest Disney is expected to set sail again.

Barge getting pushed out to sea.

This afternoon a big fuel barge was pushed out of the port. With the barge empty and the tug tightly in the slot at the back, it looked more like an ocean going tanker than a coastal barge. According to the marine traffic website a large cargo ship will arrive before morning. I think the big ships try to arrive when the small recreational boat traffic in the port is at a minimum. There were hundreds going in and out today.

Once again today I enjoyed watching the activity in the port and taking pictures of some of the big birds hanging around the area.

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