Happy Thanksgiving

Thursday November 26th 2020

Happy Thanksgiving

It was a beautiful sunny day with a high temperature around eighty. The wind was light from the southeast. Many families took advantage of the nice weather to celebrate the holiday at the beach. Others setup awnings in the day use area along the inlet to gather for cooking and eating.

Jetty Park beach late in the day.

In the campground there were other gatherings for Thanksgiving celebrations. One such gathering was at the site next door. Several related families on other sites in the area gathered at my neighbors for the holiday meal. I’m not sure the meal was successful. I watched the cook put the turkey on a charcoal fired kettle grill around 11am. At 2PM I saw the cover off the kettle grill with a very black bird on the grill. The turkey may have been fine, but it sure looked unpalatable. It was after 4PM when they finally gathered to eat, so alternative food may have been prepared.

I spent most of my day along the inlet watching the boating and bird activity. In between my two excursions to the inlet and beach, I cooked my own Thanksgiving dinner. A grilled chicken breast took the place of a traditional turkey, but I added turkey gravy and turkey stove top stuffing to the meal for homage to the holiday. It served the purpose, tasted good and was filling.

My Thanksgiving dinner.

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