North Wind Brought a Cooler Day

Monday November 23rd 2020

It was foggy overnight and well into the morning. The sun didn’t make an appearance until after 11am. Today’s wind was primarily out of the north with a little bit of a northwest element thrown in for a good cool measure. Once the sun took over the sky, it warmed into the low seventies. The trend for the rest of the week is warmer with less wind. Now that the front has passed through, the wind will be from a more southerly direction.

A lot of families at the beach today.

Today was dedicated to more domestic activities. As my second week here at Jetty Park begins, I needed to pick up some of the weeks worth of clutter and do some cleaning. Sometimes I managed to keep up by putting things away when I’m finished using them and other times the clutter accumulates. With all the interesting things to see and explore at this park, I’ve let the clutter accumulate. I’m back to a reasonable starting point for the second and last week here.

During my walks to the inlet and beach I was surprised to see the number of people didn’t go down significantly from the weekend. The lower number of people might be attributed to the cooler temperature rather than the weekday. There are many families at the beach. Many of the central Florida schools are closed until next week. The holiday week combined with higher COVID numbers resulted in the closures. The one thing I’m not seeing is a lot of out of state license plates.

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