Rude Start to a Nice Day

Tuesday November 24th 2020

The overnight temperature was just right to leave the bedroom windows open all night. Shortly before 7AM, I paid the price. Today was lawn maintenance day. The maintenance storage building is across the street from my campsite. They didn’t start mowing in the campground until mid morning, but they got the mowers out of the maintenance building and drove them through the campground to the day use area next door. I heard it all. My sleep was totally interrupted. The noise pollution in and around the campground continued until noon.

Freighter departing Port Canaveral this afternoon.

It was a nice sunny day with the high temperature in the mid seventies. The wind returned in the afternoon coming in off the ocean from the northeast. That helped keep the temperature down. Inland it was in the low eighties. Once again the beach was busy this afternoon.

Perhaps because of the unexpected early start to the day, I was lethargic all day. I still got in a couple of walks along the inlet and over to the beach in the park. One of these days I want to walk along the beach toward Cocoa Beach. Ideally I would like to have a day without as much wind as today. The next couple of days are possibilities.\

Today’s Bird Pictures

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