The Afternoon was Nice

Sunday November 22nd 2020

It rained all night into the morning. The TV weather talkers report more than three inches of rain fell in this area. A little to the north in Daytona Beach nearly seven inches of rain was recorded. Around noon today it started to improve in this area. The wind dropped and the sun made an appearance or two.

Looking west into Port Canaveral. The storm clouds are still thick inland.

I took advantage of the good afternoon weather with a couple of walks around the park. The second outing was an extended period along the inlet. I sat at one of empty picnic tables and watched the activity in the area. Lots of people took advantage of the improving weather to get out and enjoy the inlet. Some of the action in the inlet included feeding dolphins and osprey. At the beach the surfers had taken over for the kite boarders. There wasn’t enough wind for the kites, but the surf was still high enough for the people with surf boards.



The surveillance TV Cameras make a good perch for this Osprey.
Another post is a perch for a second osprey.

Little Blue Heron


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