Weather Obsession Day

Thursday November 5th 2020

I usually include a summary of the days weather at the start of each blog entry. It probably bores some readers and others feel like I’m rubbing in good weather to those in colder climates. The reality is that the weather is very much a part of my day. I rarely spend all day inside my RV home. I’m outside in the weather for at least a part of the day and it influences what I can and can’t do.

The wind blew hard all day.
Blossom of the day.

Today the weather took on a bigger role in my day. The wind that has been blowing all week continued today. It is now coming from a direction that gets under the slide room awnings and makes a racket with every gust. The wind won’t be ignored. On top of the wind an occasional rain shower passed through the area to keep things interesting. This weather system isn’t even the real elephant in the room. I’ve been monitoring the forecast on the Weather Channel for Hurricane ETA.

The tropical system is currently only a tropical depression moving east off the coast of Central America. It is currently expected to re-intensify as it moves toward Cuba then on toward Florida on Sunday. Unless I hear a convincing argument that the storm is going to miss Florida completely, I’m leaving the Florida Keys one day early on Saturday. The question is where am I going. The current possible tracks are all over the place. My basic decision is which coast of Florida do I pick and how far north do I “run”. Going to my next stop in the middle of the state near Lake Okeechobee is my preference, but I’m not sure it is the “safe” destination. I spent a lot of time today looking at possibilities. Tomorrow is decision day. Hopefully, the weather service has a better clue in the morning.

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