Dreary Wednesday

Wednesday November 4th 2020

The AccuWeather app on my phone called today’s weather “dreary”. They were right. The sun never made an appearance and the wind howled all day. The high temperature was right around eighty.

Causeway and bridge from upper to middle keys.

I drove into the wind back toward the upper keys today stopping at a few of the roadside pull offs along the way. Many people were fishing from the piers along the road. I didn’t see anything caught, but I saw one hat lost to the wind. The hat in the water became the target for the fishermen hoping to hook the hat before it went away in the current. The current won.

In Islamorada I stopped at the Bass Pro shops store. They are usually half museum and half store. This one was small and put most of its focus on merchandise. There was one aquarium and an old fishing boat in the store. I wasn’t entertained and they didn’t sell me anything, so I guess it was an even deal.

Kite Boarders were back today.

The weather forecast for the remainder of my stay in the keys isn’t great. Each day is forecast to have rain and thunderstorms. I’m scheduled to leave here on Sunday, but this area is currently in the cone of uncertainty for hurricane ETA. My destination near Lake Okeechobee is also in the cone. The forecast over the next thirty six hours will dictate what I do. The most extreme action would be an early departure for a destination well north of Lake Okeechobee.

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