Last Full Day in the Florida Keys

Friday November 6th 2020

I have decided to get out of the Keys before tropical system Eta gets close. Tomorrow morning I’ll hook up the car and head back to the mainland, so this is my last full day in the Florida Keys. Other people are making similar decisions. Only about two thirds of the campground is full tonight.

Today’s weather might be considered the lull before the storm, but it was far from calm. It was an overcast day with lighter winds than the previous couple of days. An occasional brief shower interrupted the otherwise dry day. The high temperature was around eighty degrees. The park day use area was at capacity today. People were taking advantage of the nice conditions to kayak, kite board and picnic.

The Kite Boarders were back today.

The first half of my day was filled with research on travel alternatives. I’m still not sure what the best escape from the storm will be. For now, I’ve made a reservation for Saturday night at Ortona South Recreation Area near Lake Okeechobee. This is the same location as my next intended stay starting Sunday. If the storm cooperates I’ll change sites on Sunday and continue my stay. The alternative is to head further north and probably east on Sunday. Currently it sounds like the wind will be manageable with multiple inches of rain. Decisions, decisions, decisions, …

Kite boarder having a little problem with his kite.

The weather over the last two and a half months has been a real challenge. Last November when I booked a campsite in the keys for the end of October into November I thought the worst of the hurricane season would be over. I knew hurricane season ran to the end of November and hurricanes have occurred even later in the year, but I didn’t think they targeted southern Florida late in the year. I was wrong. Concern about the weather has detracted from my enjoyment of the Keys.

I would like to come back to the Keys, but at a better time of year. My guess is that is during the prime time of January through April. That won’t happen soon. Reservations for this winter are full and reservations for 2022 can’t be made yet. I hate having to plan things out so far in advance.

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