It’s Hard to Believe It’s November

Sunday November 1st 2020

It’s hard to believe that November has arrived. Growing up in the northeast, I’m conditioned to associate cooler temperatures and foliage with fall. For all of October I’ve been moving south in Florida. The daily high temperature has never been below eighty. Most days have been very humid and the nights usually required AC to sleep. The closest I’ve come to fall was during September in northern Florida. It was often in the seventies during the day and sixties at night.

Beach area as the tide goes out. The clouds stayed well off shore most of the afternoon.

If the calendar didn’t remind me it was the middle of fall, the return to standard time sure did. Knowing which clock to believe this morning was a real challenge. Some “smart” clocks jump back an hour and others don’t. Getting the clocks to agree with reality was a continuous activity today. I think the timer for the lamp on table is the only hold out. Finding the right combination of magic buttons to push on the timers digital interface is long trial and error process.

Today’s purple blossom.

The only real disruption in my routine the time change presented was getting into position to take a picture of today’s sunset. It has been after supper for a long time. Tonight it was during supper. I missed the good color by a few minutes. Tomorrow I’ll try to re-calibrate my day.

Last year at this time I had been settled into my winter stay in Las Vegas for over a week. There were still warm desert days, but the nights were in the sixties and lower. During my trip south from Oregon to Las Vegas, I experienced several below freezing nights. The forests in the mountains even provided some degree of foliage even if it was mostly yellow.

This exotic Green Iguana is an invasive species from Central and South America. This one is only about three feet long, but they get over six feet.

This year I don’t plan to stay in one place for a long period. I’ll be moving around Florida every week or two staying mostly at state parks and other public campgrounds. It is a higher risk approach in this era of the pandemic, but many of the reservations were made before the pandemic arrived. If the surging virus infections drive the government to another stay at home order, I’ll have to adjust and find a long term campground.

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