A Walk in the Water

Saturday October 31st 2020

It was another bright sunny day with a light wind out of the east. The humidity wasn’t offset by the light breeze, but it was still comfortable out of the direct sunlight or open to the full force of the breeze.

A beautiful day for a walk along the side of the island in the water.

The waterfront was very active on the weekend day. In addition to the campground residents, the day use area was at capacity which is half of normal capacity. They’ve blocked off every other parking space with cones. A couple of kite boarders were back today, but kayaking, fishing and hanging out in the water were the primary activities.

A couple of kite boarders were back to enjoy the beach today.
Boats gather offshore along sandbars or reefs. There are more people out of the boats than in them.

I dug out my water shoes and took and extended walk around part of the island in the water. The bushes make it impossible to explore beyond a small distance on land. In the water, particularly at low tide it is possible to cover a lot more area. The ocean bottom is a combination of sand, gravel and sea grass. You really need something on your feet. I saw lots of crabs and a few little fish. A few additional feet offshore there were signs of bigger fish hanging out. Things that I never caught sight of broke the surface occasionally.

Lots of these little guys were running across the sand at low tide.
Underwater the crabs were equally as mobile.

Tomorrow’s weather forecast calls for similar conditions, but as the week progresses the forecast isn’t as positive. It will still be a lot nicer than areas to the north.

Waiting for sunset ?
The last sunset of October 2020 and Daylight Savings Time.

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