Windy Monday

Monday November 2nd 2020

The operative word for the day was WIND. The National Weather Service issued a high wind warning that called for sustained winds in excess of 30mph with gusts at 40mph and above. I think they got it right. The wind was blowing strong when I got up this morning and has only increased since. My RV home has been shacking, rattling and rocking all day. On a positive note, the wind helped keep the temperature and humidity under control.

Wind in the palm trees.
Clouds full of wind at sunset.

I spent most of the day at the campground. The weekday attendance at the day use area next to the campground is more manageable. It is easy to find a picnic table under cover or in the shade to sit at and watch the activity in the area. Today it was fun watching all of the birds use the wind to help their travels. I’m sure they are using more energy, but they are also flying faster. No one was brave enough to try Kite Boarding today. Not only was the wind very strong, but it was blowing out to sea. Last week when there was a lot of kite board activity the wind was mostly parallel to the shore.

More purple on the beach.

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